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Golang SDK V2


This project serves as a general Software Design Kit (SDK) for anyone wanting to develop Incognito applications using the Go programming language. You will be able to perform general operations such as querying, creating and submitting transactions, etc.

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$ go get


import (

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The main focus of this project lies in the incclient package. It provides access to almost all functions needed to create transactions, become a node validator, retrieve information from full-nodes, shield or un-shield access, etc. One can find the instruction of how to use this go-sdk in the tutorials package. Besides, if you want to understand the code, try other packages:

  • Coin implements input and output coins, which are basic elements of a transactions. Incognito is currently supporting two version of coins.
  • Common handles all common functions and variables used in this project.
  • Crypto implements the Edwards25519 elliptic curve as well as the Pedersen commitment scheme.
  • ETH_Bridge consists of smart contracts, mainly responsible for shielding or un-shielding ETH, ERC20.
  • Key handles all key-related things including private keys, payment addresses, read-only keys, OTA private keys or mining keys.
  • Metadata contains additional information enclosed with a transaction to specify their special functions. They include, but not limited to
    • pDEX
    • Staking
    • Bridge
    • Portal
  • Privacy is the most important layer of the Incognito network. It helps protect user anonymity, transaction confidentiality. The privacy layer features
    • Ring Signatures: For privacy, Incognito implements MLSAG signatures with stealth addresses.
    • Zero-Knowledge Proofs: We use zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to hide the amount of a transaction.
    • Confidential Assets: ZKPs hide the amount of the transaction, but they don't hide the type of transferred asset. Confidential Asset solves that.
  • rpcHandler is responsible for interacting with full-nodes to retrieve information.
  • Transaction helps create various types of transactions ranging from regular transferring transactions, to pDEX trading, or staking transactions.
  • Wallet helps generate new key-sets, restore keys, etc.


The sdk comes with a series of examples that we believe anyone will encounter when they develop an application on the Incognito blockchain. It will help you walk through most things that you should be aware of in order to create an effect Incognito-related application. See the list of tutorials here.


Any issues are welcomed to be submitted at issues. And feel free to make a pull request if you observe things that should be improved. Following is a series of examples to help you get familiar with the Incognito network. The list does not cover all the capabilities of the SDK, we will try to cover them as much as possible.