WASM-Privacy SDK


The WASM binary provides a basic set of functions for non-fullnode clients to perform privacy operations relevant to Incognito Chain. It comes with Incognito's Javascript Wallet API. Together they aim to provide an alternative to running one's own node and sending your keys to its RPC.

Why WASM ?

The module's CPU-heavy functions benefit greatly from the efficiency that WASM provides, as opposed to porting them to e.g. Javascript.

Main Features

  • Transaction creation

    • PRV transfer

    • pToken transfer

    • Features like staking, pDex etc.

  • Coin conversion

  • Incognito key generation

  • Message encryption

Getting Started

The privacy.wasm binary is provided inside this repo.

To build your own, clone from Incognito, navigate to the WASM folder and run the build script

mkdir incognito-chain && cd incognito-chain
git clone https://github.com/incognitochain/incognito-chain
cd transaction/tx_ver2_asm

Visit Incognito's GitHub for more details & source code.