Creating Feature Transactions Using Metadata

The Metadata parameter

Transferring tokens is not the only thing you can do in Incognito chain. You can become a validator to earn rewards, shield / unshield your coins to and from other chains, swap your pTokens permissionlessly, etc...

All you have to do is provide the right Metadata that specifies the action you want to do. It is an object in your txParams parameter, and gets passed on to the transaction to the network.

// ...
"Fee": 10,
"Metadata": {
"..." : "..."
"Info": "",
// ...

Both basic and pToken transaction can include Metadata. There is only one Metadata per transaction.

Some example Metadata

  • Staking: stake 1750 of your PRV to participate in consensus.

"Type": 63,
"Sig": null,
"FunderPaymentAddress": "12sxXUjkMJZHz6diDB6yYnSjyYcDYiT5QygUYFsUbGUqK8PH8uhxf4LePiAE8UYoDcNkHAdJJtT1J6T8hcvpZoWLHAp8g6h1BQEfp4h5LQgEPuhMpnVMquvr1xXZZueLhTNCXc8fkVXseeVAGCt8",
"RewardReceiverPaymentAddress": "12sxXUjkMJZHz6diDB6yYnSjyYcDYiT5QygUYFsUbGUqK8PH8uhxf4LePiAE8UYoDcNkHAdJJtT1J6T8hcvpZoWLHAp8g6h1BQEfp4h5LQgEPuhMpnVMquvr1xXZZueLhTNCXc8fkVXseeVAGCt8",
"StakingAmountShard": 1750000000000,
"AutoReStaking": true,
"CommitteePublicKey": "121VhftSAygpEJZ..."
  • Contribute: contribute your tokens to the chain's decentralized exchange

"PDEContributionPairID": "SAMPLE-PAIR",
"ContributorAddressStr": "12sxXUjkMJZHz6diDB6yYnSjyYcDYiT5QygUYFsUbGUqK8PH8uhxf4LePiAE8UYoDcNkHAdJJtT1J6T8hcvpZoWLHAp8g6h1BQEfp4h5LQgEPuhMpnVMquvr1xXZZueLhTNCXc8fkVXseeVAGCt8",
"ContributedAmount": 5000000,
"TokenIDStr": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004",
"Type": 204,
  • Trade: swap your PRV to get an amount of pToken determined by pDex's rates; or vice versa.

"TokenIDToBuyStr": "699a3006d1865ebdc437053b33df6a62c6c7c2f554f2fd0adf99a60f5117f945",
"TokenIDToSellStr": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004",
"SellAmount": 1000000,
"TraderAddressStr": "12WHs6NvFwxQsFvUphjDqaHvRcLYyC79dF9kDwdtJRVrwSyA2cs",
"Type": 205,
"MinAcceptableAmount": 400000,
"TradingFee": 25,
"TxRandomStr": "13SZePe9Q7nd8XX3Pfu4JpcTTRQgfsEzo4rksDaCspW7GE9CBLHoKMPHcWT5iRaWk6xn8LAsL5ghpgdG9RwoQPGuWGj6CXHenQhe"

Burning Coins

Some metadata types, like BurningRequest requires your input coins to be "burned". This means one of your receivers' PaymentAddress must be the Incognito burn address - and that receiver's amount is the burned amount .

The burning address is a constant, so you could just store it for use; or you can query it from the RPC using the method getburningaddress.

"jsonrpc": "1.0",
"method": "getburningaddress",
"params": [0],
"id": 1


"BurnerAddress": {
"OTAPublic": "ag4eqDXA4iywZLfhdHnwfcFIRAAXCleohWfbOzpdecw=",
"Pk": "/NPaKTA3pYTjYxdWpSvOlsp+hAzbwc6Q8x0qynd2+ao=",
"Tk": "avALxL0vIbNCiJQxg41df7ml71CgzA/BL1M7kjmXiAQ="
"BurningAmount": 100,
"TokenID": "699a3006d1865ebdc437053b33df6a62c6c7c2f554f2fd0adf99a60f5117f945",
"RemoteAddress": "d5808Ba261c91d640a2D4149E8cdb3fD4512efe4",
"Type": 27

If your burned amount is larger than what is specified on the Metadata, the extra will be lost. Therefore, you should test this kind of transaction on the Test network beforehand to make sure it has the exact effect that you want.